Top Ups Direct


Purchasing a Vodafone voucher through Top Ups Direct is very simple. Firstly, select the network for the mobile device that the credit will be loaded on to. In this case, choose Vodafone from the list of 19 networks.

Vodafone Mobile Top Up Vouchers

Then decide the value of the voucher you want to credit the Vodafone mobile device with. The voucher denominations for Vodafone come in values of £5, £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £40 and £50. There is plenty to choose from so find the denomination that best suits you.

You must then make your payment. Payment can be made either by our trusted payment provider MoneyBookers, or by debit/credit card, or a bank transfer (FPS). Once complete you will receive your voucher code directly to the Vodafone pay as you go mobile by SMS.

Once you have received your voucher code the customer needs to call 2345 free from their Vodafone handset and follow the voice prompted instruction. After following the top up instructions the handset will automatically be credited with the value of the voucher.

Vodafone offer in addition to their simple pay as you go price plans, up to four perks. These include the passport perk that appears to be particularly appealing at this time of the year, allowing you to take your UK rates abroad to over 35 countries.

Vodafone offer a choice of three different pay as you go plans which help you to get more from your top ups. These consist of having your simple price plan plus the choice of either freedom packs, text unlimited or free weekends on top. All of these include a variation of extra texts, calls and free weekend and evening mobile usage.

Vodafone also offer their 'Bonus Bank' which consists of giving customer 10% back on their top up. So if you top up £10 you have the opportunity to gain a pound to use at a later date.


Select the network

All UK pay as you go

Choose the UK mobile network that the top up credit is required and will
be used for.


Select voucher value

From £5 to £50

How much credit would you like to buy? Choose your required credit value up
to a maximum of £50.


Make your payment

Using Skrill or FPS

Pay by Skrill (MoneyBookers), any major debit or credit card, or by instant bank transfer (FPS).


Receive Voucher

Direct to mobile by SMS

You're done! Sit back and wait for your top up voucher to arrive by SMS on your mobile device.